Wedding Photography

Wedding photography usually always includes full-length photos of the bride & groom and posing & arranging groups and families. Professional studio lighting & backgrounds may be used for individuals and smaller groups with this style of photography you will need a more experienced and usually more expensive photographer. For sanctuary photos experienced photographers usually use tripods and slower shutter speeds, along with umbrella reflectors or soft boxes for dimensional lighting this minimizes distracting shadows and dark backgrounds which otherwise are common. when hand-holding a camera with an "on-camera" flash. There can be huge differences in the quality of these pictures.

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Fashion Photography

In the past few years, fashion photography has become the guiding medium of contemporary visual culture. Its status has evolved from a support for fashion into a maker of icons and ideas. Fashion photography has a determining influence in all fields of communication and it is considered a form of art in every sense. Fashion photography tends to be a credible watermark of beauty ideals of a given era, as well as an indicator of the political and social climate. The power of fashion photography is to record images and more often, it deeply influences the “here and now”.